Blu-ray® duplication will perfectly match your master every time. We incorporate electronic testing and physically random batch testing to ensure that quality is met on every job.

Deadlines are understood and committed, and once agreed upon, Disc In The City ® will guarantee your job will be done right, on time and on budget or your money back.

We will work into the night and throughout the weekend if you have to have the job on Sunday or Monday, (at no extra charge). Due to our industry knowledge and service that’s considered “exceptional”, our clients trust us to manage their work through our relationships with worldwide Blu-ray ® replication facilities located in CA, Taiwan, and Ireland. Our clients expect and enjoy the highest quality, and lowest pricing on jobs requiring “replication / over 1000 units”.

We invite our clients to come in and watch the process. Our equipment and media are state-of-the-art and we utilize the best-automated equipment that can give you both quality and fast turnaround at below market pricing.

When extensive packaging is needed, our clients also utilize our 20-year relationships with packaging companies specializing in media products. We provide the pricing; turnaround and multi-media assembly needs of our clients ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Some of the products we print:

  • CD, DVD and Blu-ray® packaging inserts
  • Books (both hardcover and soft cover)
  • Mailers (both promotional and training)
  • Custom corrugated boxes with printing or Litho wraps
  • Multi-disc vinyl binder
  • Custom 3-ring binders
  • Custom printed box sets
  • Digipacks®, Omnipacks®
  • Disc sleeves 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 panel
  • Custom Tin boxes with embossing and silk screening
  • Turned edge kit boxes and complete customized design capabilities.

While most of the custom items require a slightly longer lead time, in most cases:

Order today, get it tomorrow… only at Disc In The City®